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Welcome! We are The Global Youth Review, an upcoming international literary magazine hoping to amplify the voices of marginalized communities through creative art forms. Inspired by the unrest in cities caused by the spread of hegemonic narratives, we young individuals decided to found a literary magazine to uplift intersectional voices and spread cultural awareness. Using words as a vehicle with which we unify and empower young voices, our mission is to combat divisive narratives and bridge cultures, people, and ideas together.

During our submission period, we are accepting submissions for all mediums of art, including visual art, non-fiction writing, spoken-word poetry, written poetry, memoirs, fictional writing, and more. Every issue published centers around a specific social issue we wish to combat, usually one that is fitting to the current political atmosphere. For example, our first issue focuses on themes of self-expression, in line with the upcoming LGBTQ+ Awareness Month. We view words as a powerful tool one can utilize to amplify their voices and bridge cross-cultural divides amongst people. Celebrating excellence in writing and art, The Global Youth Review seeks to display the very voices that will drive our generation forward and empower these individuals through creative expression.





Sena is currently a student at an international school in Japan. Deeply interested in research, public policy, and creative writing, she hopes to serve as a mediator between the marginalized and powerful, amplifying voices that are shunned by society. She is beyond excited to launch The Global Youth Review and wishes that it be a safe haven for all to creatively share their emotions and experiences. 



talha headshotttt.jpg

Talha is a high school student from Bangladesh who dreams of and works to create an egalitarian society where no voice is marginalized. His interests lie in politics and international relations. His hobby is reading books and learning history. He loves writing and hopes his writings can be a voice for the unheard and help those who are in vulnerable positions in society.




Helena currently resides in the United States. She is currently interested in mental health, music, and writing. She hopes to help spread awareness with suicide prevention and maintain a positive environment. She is proud to be a part of The Global Youth Review and hopes that it will help others feel better and proud of themselves.

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